Wednesday, August 11, 2021

The End........Or Is It?????????????

By The Hub

Good day everyone. To all of the viewers of the Hub Chronicles blog, it is within my deepest regard to announce that this will be the last post of this blog. Effective immediately, this is will be no more. I realized that people are annoyed with the fact that they have to read both the blogpost and listen to the podcast episode based on the same story. Plus, its much more stressful for me as a content creator because not only I have to make videos and other social media posts, and I also have to type and do voice recordings on the same topics, and it does not make sense. So from now on, the Hub Chronicles will be consolidated with the HubTalk podcast to become the HubTalk Chronicles podcast, it is blogging but for podcasting. The Hub will still discuss stories and the latest topics in NYC, Mass Transportation, and the World. So, to all those who supported this blog from the very beginning, I would like to say thank you. This is the end of the line (for this blog, of course). But its really not. The HubTalk Chronicles podcast will go into effect effective as this Thursday. For this year only, is available until 12/31/2021. After that, the URL will reverted back to All the blogpost will still be here and available for reference. You can catch the HubTalk Chronicles on both Spotify and Anchor. I am working on trying to expand the HubTalk Chronicles to all podcast platforms (that may go into effect next year). Lastly, for all things Transportation Hub, follow the Hub on all social media platforms via AllMyLinks.

Thank You Everyone and I will see all of you at the next stop.