Sunday, November 13, 2016

M23 +SelectBusService (23rd Street Crosstown)

MIDTOWN MANHATTAN-Effective November 6th, 2016, the M23 +SelectBusService replaces the M23 local, operating at all times. The M23 corridor serves nearly 13,000 average weekday riders.  The current M23 route provides crosstown service along 23rd Street in Manhattan connecting dense residential and commercial neighborhoods.  The route provides connections to all 23rd Street subway stations for the (1)(2)*(4)*(6)(A)*(C)(E)(F)(M)(N)*(Q)*(R)(W) Lines, the PATH train, and several bus routes.  In recent years, it has experienced significant delays and a lack of reliability leading to an ongoing ridership decrease. All of this has been mostly caused by constant double parking. The route operates along 23rd Street crosstown between Avenue C & East 20th Street-Peter Cooper Village (Northern Terminus) and Chelsea Piers-12th Avenue & West 23rd Street. Countdown clocks are available along various stops along the bus route, so you'll always know how much time the bus is minutes away from your stop. As a transit rider of all the five boroughs, I must say that, the M23 is one of the huge steps of improving speed and reliable along an east to west crosstown bus line. For this +SelectBusService on the former-sluggish M23, all stops are kept, for the exception of Lexington and 5th Avenues. For 5th Avenue, you can utilize the Broadway stop and use the Park Av and/or 3rd Av stop for Lexington Avenue. I did a commentary vlog, explaining the full M23 +SBS implementation, provided by New York City Department of Transportation & Metropolitan Transportation Authority.  This route is the 12th +SelectBus route to join the New York City Bus Rapid Transit Family, just one day before the epic, long-awaited 6-year return of the Broadway Local (W)hiskey Line. Its like EVERY articulated bus route from the Michael J. Quill Bus Depot is highly determined to become a +SelectBusService Route. I truly misssed those 2003 New Flyer D60HF that travels along the route, but they tend to pop up along +SelectBus routes from time to time. You can always catch these old timers as well the new/latest Novabus LFSA, you can always see it here. Lastly, the moment of truth. The M23 +SelectBusService performing its +SelectBus action at West 23rd Street and 6th Avenue in West Midtown, Chelsea, New York City, NY. In 2017, the M79 and Bx6 will become +SelectBusService routes. For more Transportation Hub, please subscribe to my Youtube Channel, today and enjoy the experience.

How does the M23 +SelectBusService improve your ride along 23rd Street? Please comment below!

Friday, November 4, 2016

New York City's Bus Rapid Transit Routes (+SelectBusService)

NEW YORK CITY-Select Bus Service (SBS) is New York City Transit’s brand of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT).The goal of BRT systems is to bring faster, more reliable and quality bus service to high ridership corridors. This system is being implemented in many cities across the nation and worldwide, combining amenities of rail-based rapid transit systems with the flexibility of buses. BRT’s application is planned and designed to meet the specific needs and characteristics of its local market. In New York City, SBS improves speed and reliability through dedicated bus lanes, off-board fare payment, station spacing and transit signal priority (TSP). +SelectBusService also improves passenger comfort and convenience through enhanced bus stops that include shelters with seating, lighting and real time bus information. +SelectBusService has spread out to the five boroughs The fleet of +SelectBusService consists of Novabus Low Floor Series Artics, Orion VII New Generation, and New Flyer XD40. Ever since its launch in 2008, +SelectBusService family has grown. It now has twelve bus routes under its brand. Sometime, it will run the regular 40-foot standard buses in case if some +SBS routes are low on artics and/or a snowstorm occurs. All +BS routes, listed below are covered by local buses along various section of their routes.

It consists of 2 routes in Brooklyn, 5 routes in Manhattan, 2 routes in the Bronx, 2 routes in Queens, and 1 route in Staten Island. The first ever +SelectBus route to ever grace NYC is the Bx12, which operates between Bay Plaza and Inwood, Manhattan, via Pelham Parkway & Forham Road. Two years later, the M15, which operates between East Harlem and South Ferry, via 1st & 2nd Avenues, Crosstown routes got a treat of +SBS action, too. The M34/A which travels east-to-west along 34th Street in Manhattan. The S79, travels between Bay Ridge, Brooklyn and Staten Island Mall, via Hylan Boulevard and Richmond Avenue. The Bx41, which operates between Williamsbridge and The Hub, via Webster Avenue. This route is in parallel with the 2/5 Lines in the Bronx. The B44, which operates between Williamsburg and Sheepshead Bay. The M60, which operates between LaGuardia Airport, Queens and Upper West Side, via 125 St & Astoria Blvd. The M86, travels between Yorkville and West End Avenue, via 86 Street Crosstown. The Q44, via Main Street & Cross Bronx Expressway travels between West Farms Square-Bronx Zoo and Jamaica, Queens. The B46, via Utica Avenue/Malcolm X Boulevard, operates between Bedford Stuyvesant and Kings Plaza Shopping Mall. The Q70, Queens +SelectBus route only that travel around LaGuardia Airport and the transit hubs of Jackson Heights/Woodside, via Brooklyn/Queens Expressway. Lastly, the M23, which travel between Peter Cooper Village and Chelsea Piers, via 23rd Street Crosstown. For more Transportation Hub, please subscribe today.

The Bus Rapid Transit Family is growing and shows no sign of slowing down. In 2017, the next routes to join the +SBS family are the M79, Bx6, and (possibly) Q52/Q53.

Which route(s) do you use? Which one is your favorite? Please comment below/