Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Slowest Bus Route In The City Finally Becomes A +SelectBusService+ Route

NEW YORK, NY-It has finally become a reality. The M79 local bus route is now officially the brand new M79 +SelectBusService+ on Sunday May 21th, 2017. This is the 13th bus route to join the New York City Bus Rapid Transit family. The M79 Bus route is based out the Michael Joseph Quill depot in Manhattan along with the M14A/D and the M23, M34/A, & M60 +SBS+ routes. The 79th Sreet crosstown line serves the Upper East and West Side neighborhoods in Manhattan, as well as schools, job centers, Metropolitan Museum of Art and American Museum of Natural History. It connects to 16 different bus routes, the M15 +SBS+, (1),(2)*,(4)*,(6),(A)*(B),(C) Lines, and the Second Avenue Subway (at 86th Street). Back in 2015, this route served over 18,000 passengers on a daily basis over 3 miles. It also won a pokey award by the straphangers campiagn for being the slowest bus in the city, only traveling 3.4 MPH. This new +SBS+ route operates at all times, and discontinued to serve the West 81st St/Amsterdam Av eastbound stop, due to low ridership, and sidewalk too narrow for the fare machines. Customers are advised to board the stop two blocks down at 79th Street.

A commentary vlog was performed, explaining the full M79 +SBS+ Implementation/Current M86 +SBS+ Improvements, provided by New York City Department of Transportation & Metropolitan Transportation Authority.  This route is the 13th +SelectBus+ route to join the New York City Bus Rapid Transit Family, just one day before the reopening of all of the Sea Beach local station stops. Its like EVERY articulated bus route from the Michael J. Quill Bus Depot is highly determined to become a +SelectBusService Route. I will truly misssed those 2003 New Flyer D60HF that travels along the route, but they tend to pop up along +SelectBus routes from time to time. You can always catch these old timers as well the new/latest Novabus LFSA, you can always see it here. Lastly, the moment of truth. The M79 +SelectBusService performing its +SelectBus+ action at East 79th Street & 2nd Avenue in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, NY.  Later in the future, the Bx6 & Q52/Q53 will become +SelectBusService+ routes. This +SBS+ implementation costs $1.7 million. For more Transportation Hub, please subscribe to my Youtube Channel, today and enjoy the experience.

*Line serves the station late nights only for 77th, 79th, and/or 81st Streets

How does the M79 +SelectBusService+ improve your ride along 79th & 81st Streets? Please comment below!

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