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Subway Cars Tagged With Graffiti; Brazen Bikers Bring Motorbike Onto The Subway; Rise In Crime Brings All Police Force Underground

Subway Cars Tagged With Graffiti

Jamaica Yard/New York Post

NEW YORK, NY- This week, the New York City Subway System got whacked with a new string of graffiti on the subway train. For weeks on end, I’ve been seeing subway trains coming out of relay corners, being tagged with graffiti. One instance was that R160 that pulling out from the relay corner at the 96th Street-2nd Avenue station stop in Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Where on earth do people find the time to cross into non-permitted areas and tag trains with graffiti? People who does these type of things should be reprimanded. PERIOD.

There was an incident with the graffiti of trains that happened recently; The multi-colored compositions across a cavalcade of cars at Jamaica Yard in Queens, posted on Twitter by transit worker group Progressive Action; featured messages like “Don’t come here!” and “Drugs all day!” Looks like this person was smoking the good stuff when spray painting these trains. Eleven cars were hit, according to the MTA, which said workers found the vandalized cars at the Queens yard this past early Friday.

Graffiti has made a resurgence on the city’s subways in recent years. The earlier half of the decade saw just around 200 incidents, while there were 619 in 2018. “Major” graffiti incidents have also tripled compared to five years ago, according to MTA stats. Most major graffiti incidents happen overnight at train yards, according to the MTA. “We have zero tolerance for these incidents, which take passenger trains out of service and take away valuable resources and thousands of dollars from critical system improvements,” MTA chief safety officer Patrick Warren said in a statement. There needs to be appointed security guards at various subway yards, and please take note the R160s (New Technology Trains) are the ones being tagged with graffiti.

The graffiti on the trains gives flashback of both the 70s and the 80s. For those who don’t know the subway system, just like all of NYC, was riddled by crime. It’s like the city has gone two steps forward and five steps back. During those times the subway system and the city itself was in total disarray. Crime was on the rise, graffiti was plastered onto the trains inside and out, & drugs owned this city. It’s disgusting as hell what’s this city has become to and we can only thank our “esteemed” mayor, Bill de Blasio for allowing crime like this to go down and run this city down to the ground.

What do you guys think about the graffiti on the trains? 

Brazen Bikers Bring Motorbike Onto The Subway

NEW YORK, NY- Now, there some crazy items that people bring inside the subway train that was just too bizarre. Like back in, 2018 or so, three people/persons brought in a couch inside a train. It happened on the (3) Line in East New York, Brooklyn, and the (L) Line in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. A couch was even put inside the a city bus one time. Lets get to the motorbikes. Last year, there was a Hispanic male who brought a motorbike inside an uptown (2) train. He got heckled after his video went viral on social media. Now, a new incident arises. 

A newly viral video captures a brazen gang of minibikers rolling their rides onto a crowded subway train. The clip, posted by the popular @SubwayCreatures Instagram account, shows three men line up single file on motorbikes as they attempt to board the F train at the 47th-50th Street Rockefeller Center station. As two of the men walk their pint-size bikes into a subway car, one onlooker can be heard muttering, “that’s absurd.” The third rider then motors his slightly larger bike along the platform, nearly hitting a commuter, before driving into a separate train car in front of gobsmacked straphangers. People cannot believe that this was happening right before their very eyes.

Now, when it comes to carrying personal transporters in the subway system, only regular bicycles and scooters are allowed; not e-bikes, motorbikes, and hover boards. The safety of the subway system must be enforced at all times. Those who carry motorbikes, which becomes a danger/hazard to everyone around them, must have a summons issued to them because this is just flat-out insane and should have their faces plastered all over the internet for people around the entire world to heckle the crap out of that person/people.

How do you feel about motorbikes in the NYC subway system? 
Rise In Crime Brings All Police Force Underground

New York Post
NEW YORK, NY- People, we need to act accordingly. Just because you all protested against police patrolling the NYCT Subway system. Protesting is one thing, but when you start jumping turnstiles, vandalizing MTA property, now it’s not as innocent. I’ve talked about in the previous post if police officers in the subway system were good or bad. In that post, I covered the negative, now let’s get to the positives on why police are needed in the subway system. Here’s the story;

A man follows a teen girl from car to car on the 6 train — then slashes her in the head. A stranger beats a blind man in a Queens station, simply over an accidental touch by his cane. A woman fends off a would-be rapist in a Brooklyn subway bathroom. An angry passenger hits a 65-year-old bus driver in East New York in the face with a metal padlock. Yet some still oppose Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s push to add 500 cops to the MTA’s police force. Those are a small sample of the criminal incidents the MTA has seen in the first six weeks of 2020. Crime is up 34 percent over last year, per the Transit Bureau’s latest CompStat report, with robbery more than doubling, from 37 incidents by this time in 2019 to 79 so far in 2020. Arrests are down by 28 percent. We’re still far from the bad old days, but the trend isn’t good. Graffiti is on the upswing, with entire trains covered in tags having to be taken off the tracks. The number of homeless sleeping in the subways rose 20 percent in a year.
After a major, years-long repair push, trains are running much closer to on-time, but ridership won’t rise if the subways don’t feel safe. A few radicals (mostly kids who don’t know how bad things can get) are up in arms over a couple of videos that show NYPD subway cops cracking down on an illegal vendor and swarming misbehaving teens. But most people know the answer is more smart policing — not the “no police” sought by the Decolonize This Place vandals. Indeed, private polling reportedly shows 73 percent of New Yorkers want more cops in the subways, vs. 21 percent who don’t. Cuomo called for 500 more MTA cops in November, to bring the force up above 1,200 by year’s end. The agency has already sworn in 138, most ex-NYPD and all certified State Police officers. MTAPD leadership is spreading them throughout the subways and buses and railroad systems, based on current security conditions.

Just to be clear: Putting more police into the system isn’t about boosting arrests, it’s about reducing crime to boost safety for passengers and workers — and safety is the foundation for all other services. What do you all think about this story? 

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  1. If regular bikes can be carried on the subway, then there shouldn't be a problem with e-bikes, which are just regular bikes with electric motors fitted to them. I'm talking about them being carried, not ridden. Gas-powered bikes of any size, like the ones in this video, probably not.