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Homelessnes Has Taken Over The Subway System During The Pandemic; (L) Train Service Returns To Normal After 12 Months Of Tunnel Rehabilitation

NEW YORK, NY- NYC, WE HAVE AN INFESTATION; AN INFESTATION OF HOMELESSNESS IN THE SUBWAYS! So far for a good amount of over a week now, homeless people have infiltrated the subway system from each terminus ends of various lines. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the homeless in the subways situations has gotten worse, I mean, it was bad and a problem, but this has seriously gotten worse. Now, the city's incompetent mayor, Bill DeBlasio is now arguing with the TA and Sarah Feinberg on who should deal with the homeless issue. This is not DeBlasio first time butting heads when it comes to the transit system. He and our "esteemed" governor Andrew Cuomo had been going back and forth on who should fund the subway system, now Cuomo is now in the nix of this mess, asking the TA for solutions. Starting to regret driving Andy Byford away, eh Cuomo?

MTA Interim NYCT President Sarah Feinberg said this in a NY Post article she wrote;

 “So, it isn’t surprising that homeless individuals are seeking refuge in some of our subway cars, stations and tunnels. But just because it’s unsurprising doesn’t mean it’s acceptable. And the Big Apple’s attempts to ignore the existence of this vulnerable, often emotionally disturbed, population has made its presence in the system a growing frustration for essential New Yorkers riding the subways, not to mention the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s own hardworking employees.”

“The MTA has 71,000 employees, and in good times, we get more than 8 million people to work and school and back home again each day. We are North America’s largest transportation system. But we aren’t a social-services agency or health-care provider, and we have limited expertise in the unique challenges of mental illness or homelessness. Simply put, we are, under no circumstances, the right people to tackle this problem.”

“And we are changing our Code of Conduct to make it abundantly clear that the transit system must be used by people for transport only — not for sheltering, sleeping, storing belongings or panhandling. We will enforce these new regulations in close coordination with our NYPD partners and the MTAPD.”

“Our city must do better than this. We shouldn’t leave the most vulnerable to suffer quietly in a tunnel or on a train, and our workers shouldn’t be left to clean up the mess that is left behind. We need action — now.”

So now, she wants to say something after 100+ employees passed away due to this pandemic and its compilations. She and Foye need to be ashamed of themselves. Also, its the right thing for the agency to donate $500K to families of employees who passed away due to this deadly virus. The family of Brother Garrett Goble should also receive $500K for the sacrifice he did back on March 27th when he saved 16 people including his conductor in that deadly subway fire, have the station of the incident (Central Park North-110th St) renamed in his honor, and help the lazy NYPD (who don't do anything themselves) with the investigation in finding the person responsible and bringing him to justice, so that Brother Goble's family, friends, and colleagues can find peace and solidarity.    

Now onto Andrew "Evilized" Cuomo. According to this tweet down below here by the Progressive Action, Cuomo canceling the Federal Family Emergency & Medical Leave Expansion Act for MTA Workers and much more (link to the podcast is in the tweet). This chump, Cuomo, is out of his demoncrat blubbering mind. Why would you cancel something this crucial during a global pandemic. Now, I am truly convinced that him, Feinberg, and Foye wants transit employees to suffer badly. He can't cancel these acts; Cuomo needs to step down as Governor because he ran out a person that was fully capable and replaced him with someone that worked underneath him. That's crazy.
Last week, when I made a blogpost on Foye and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control Prevention) were shifting blames (all the blame is on Foye) for not properly prepping their staff and employees with gloves, mask, and other essential needs. 100+ employees passed away due to this deadly disease. This message that was left in the comments section of my FB page said this down below.

"I have been a NY subway operator with NYCT for over 13 years. I am writing in response to Chairman Foye's deflection piece published in your paper on April 22, 2020 (MTA chairman blames CDC as Coronavirus kills 83 transit employees). Chairman Foye shamelessly lies as he tries to use the CDC to cover for himself and the MTA. Any transit worker will tell you that we have seen this before. Once again, Foye and the MTA put business-as-usual above our very lives. They have done it for years, but it has come into stark relief with the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, with dozens of transit workers dead due to their inaction, they are scrambling to do damage control and point the fingers elsewhere. The problem with Foye’s narrative is that it focuses only on the masks and the CDC guidelines -- put aside, of course, that nowhere in the CDC guidelines did it say to forbid essential workers from wearing their own masks at work to reduce risk. His narrative ignores the many other failures of the MTA. On 3/3/20, the MTA proudly announced that they would be sanitizing the trains every 72 hours. Every 72 hours? Given how COVID-19 spreads, a cleaning every 72 hours is insufficient. In mid-March, many of us demanded that the MTA clean our operating positions after every round trip or give us wipes to do so (as many as approximately 15-20 different people could operate out of the same cab each day). They told us that we had to bring our own supplies to clean the trains. We said that it was the MTA’s responsibility to ensure this happens and that if they didn’t do it, the virus would spread through our workforce -- and our ridership -- like wildfire. We know what happened. The MTA has been cutting back on cleaners to save money for years, and now the consequences of their actions have become clear. Knowing that the pandemic was coming and that a great deal of cleaning would be needed, they could have done an emergency hire for station and car cleaners. Given the stakes, did they do it? No. What does that tell you? On 3/17/20 the MTA set up guidelines for social distancing but did not set up a comprehensive plan to insure social distancing at each work location and crew quarters. Even grocery stores were able to come up with compliance plans, but the MTA couldn’t be bothered. I confronted Foye on the Brian Lehrer show on 3/31/20 about closing off the train cars with our operating positions since our operating cabs circulate the same air as in the passenger cars (this measure has been enacted on the DC metro, NJ PATH, SEPTA, and other places). Foye’s only response was that it couldn’t be done because it would close off too many cars and the passengers in the remaining cars would be too crowded. He didn’t consider plans to limit entry to the subways to only verified essential workers in order to reduce ridership, thus showing he was willing to expose workers and riders to infection to keep service running.
With respect to the masks, how is it that transit workers knew better than the MTA/CDC? Many demanded masks and some brought their own, and yet in early March the MTA issued a memo saying that masks would not be allowed and that we could be disciplined for wearing them since it could ‘frighten the public’. Consistently, the MTA ignored the best scientific practices that were laid out in their 2012 pandemic response plan. Each time they did, they put transit workers at risk and we paid the price. They knew what would keep us safe, and they ignored it in order to keep their service running, sacrificing not only transit workers but the riding public. Additionally, transit workers have reported that the MTA has tried to shorten their quarantines, even for those who have tested positive. The MTA has not been consistent in telling workers who have been exposed to confirmed cases at work the facts and that they need to quarantine. Their goal is to keep people at work so they can provide service, regardless of best medical and scientific practice. Even today, different facilities frequently run out of masks, gloves, soap or sanitizer. There are many places where they have not figured out ways to give extra space for social distancing. And yet, at no point has Foye or the MTA managers said, “if we can’t do what is necessary to keep our workers safe, then we need to suspend service at those locations until we ensure that we are doing everything needed”. All of this together paints a damning picture: Foye and the MTA , chose running service over the health and lives of transit workers. This is why rates of infection among transit workers rose sharply, faster than any other group. It’s why we have been getting infected and dying in record numbers, much higher than other groups. Foye can try to deflect blame as much as he wants, but the reality is that there is blood on his hands: transit workers got sick by the thousands and died by the dozens, and he and the MTA are responsible. Now, Foye hides behind the CDC regulations, and his refusal to accept responsibility and tell the truth is a slap in the face to the family members of every transit worker who paid the ultimate price. We demand that those who exposed us to the virus, which has led to dozens of deaths be held responsible. We call for the termination of both Chairman Foye and NYCT Interim president Feinberg. Those who showed such reckless disregard for the lives of transit workers and riders cannot be allowed to continue in their positions without consequences. Too many of us have lost their lives and we will not accept one more unnecessary death."

When I read that whole message, I felt nothing but a massive mixture of sadness and anger. This is a transportation agency that treats their workers like expendables. How could Foye sit there and lie like that? Disgusting, purely disgusting. I am shocked and disappointed that the transit agency that I looked up to as a child all the way to present day would behave like this during a global pandemic where essential people needs transit the most. And the death toll increased again. As of yesterday (04/29/2020), we recently lost our beloved conductor, Brother Benjamin Schaeffer to COVID-19 compilations. This death truly breaks my heart because I would see him during museum train runs and when he operates along the (N) Line between Coney Island and Astoria. Please keep this king and his family in your thoughts and prayers. 
This next tweet, is about the city calling upon the MTA to close down select end-of-line stations during overnight hours for enhanced cleaning and targeted outreached.
I know for a fact that both sides want to tackle this issue but neither side wants to take action. We have management Foye and Feinberg who don't care about their workers overall and on the other side of the fence, we have nonchalant politicians like Cuomo and DeBlasio who don't do anything to address this issue head on. They all want to act like everything's all hunky dory in Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, while transit workers are dying, getting sick by the numbers and homelessness are calling the shots in the subway system. Cuomo said this, " If there's a problem in the subway system, we'll fix it." Uhhh HELLO!!! You know what the problem is! Homeless people in the subway system and train cars turning the whole system into their own personal beds and toilets! Cuomo, you are an absolute idiot and you should've NEVER acted shady around Andy Byford, making him feel very uncomfortable in his post and forced him to resignation. 

Now, here the best for last. MTA Chief Communications Officer Abbey Collins has put "mayor" Bill DeBlasio. Read the message in the tweet down below because its hilarious.

DeBlasio, of all people, should NOT be talking!!!! He's a total sellout! A disgrace and an embarrassment to New York City!!! He disrepects the people of NYC, shows total disregard for our city, and has no interest in our ailing transit system. He also disrespects the city's and the world's most prestigious baseball team, the New York Yankees by being a fan of our longtime rivals, the Boston Red Sox. That man has no clue that the homelessness in the subway issue has been going on for years on end and sat there and do nothing, but burning out emissions, riding around in his car. He's a joke of a mayor and the worst one we have by far. Also, Cuomo has decided for the subway system to be shut down (all 472 stations) from 1am to 5am for overhaul cleanliness.

In other news, 500+ TSA (Transportation Security Administration) worker has gotten a case of the coronavirus. Please keep the TSA workforce in your thoughts and prayers. Also, the TA has officially retired the R32s after over 55 years of service. No date for a final run has been announced yet, so stay tuned for that. If you're a fan of Train Sim World (TSW) and the Long Island Rail Road version of that game, the M3 EMU (Electric Multiple Unit) will be released on May 3rd.

What do you guys think about the homelessness takeover of the NYCT System? Please comment below.
NEW YORK, NY- If you are a (L) train rider in Brooklyn and/or Manhattan, THE WAIT IS FINALLY OVER. Within only a year, the Canarsie Tunnel, which carries (L) train riders under the East River between Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn and 1st Avenue, Manhattan. This lengthy work was originally scheduled to be completed by Summer (mostly July) of this year, only to be completed in Spring (April). During the span of rehabilitation, (L) Trains 20 minutes along the entire route, with 10 minutes between Rockaway Parkway and Lorimer Street, so that trains can use one track in both directions between 14th St-Union Square and Lorimer Street, while work is being performed on the track during evening, overnight, and weekend hours. Since work is completed, service has resumed operation in both directions between Brooklyn and Manhattan. While the (L) was a mess, other train routes as well as bus routes provided alternate service. If you want more information about the completion of the L-Project, then this post is for you. REMINDER: All services are back to normal and is currently operating on a modified essential service schedule.


M Service: Before the Canarsie Rehabilitation Project, trains ran every 10 minutes on weekends. Trains ran every 6 minutes during the (L) project. Alternate (M) Service has ended.

  • The M no longer serves the Second Avenue Line. The Q continues to provide service to/from 96 St-2 Av. 
  • M service along the 6 Av Line ends earlier on weekday evenings. The last M train to Brooklyn along 6 Av departs 34 St-Herald Sq at approximately 9 PM; the last M train to Forest Hills-71 Av departs Delancey-Essex Sts at approximately 9 PM. 
  • Between approximately 9 PM and approximately 11 PM on weekdays, and between 6:30 AM (Saturdays) or 8:30 AM (Sundays) and 11 PM on weekends, M service operates between Metropolitan Av and Delancey-Essex Sts. 
  • The F continues to provide 6 Av local service. After 11 PM, service operates only as a shuttle between Metropolitan Av and Myrtle Av-Broadway.

G Service: Before the Canarsie Rehabilitation Project, trains ran every 10 minutes on weekends. Trains ran every 6-8 minutes during the (L) project. There was no alternate (G) service during this project.

7 Service: Service along the (7) saw an increase in frequency during the weeknight hours; no route change. 

M14 +SBS: Extra M14A service connected to the Delancey-Essex Sts Station. During the L-project, the MTA launched the M14A/D +SBS. That route still remains. 

Various Bus Routes: The TA launched the B91 (counter-clockwise), B92 (clockwise), and B91A (combination of the two routes after their discontinuation), also known as the Williamsburg Link. After the folding of the Willamsburg Link, the B24, B62, Q54, and Q59 routes provided alternate service up to 04/26/2020.

Free Transfers: Between Livonia Avenue (L) and Junius Street (3) stations, which has been made permanent; Also, between Broadway (G) and Hewes/Lorimer Street (J)/(M) stations, which will last all the way up to May 31st, 2020. 

Now on to the repairs. If you have been following the (L) Project from its launch back in 2016, you would know that the TA had originally planned for an overall total of three years for the tunnel's rehabilitation with trains operating on one side of the tunnel, while the other side gets repairs done. That plan was scrapped in favor of this plan which was explained in this August 2018 article. (L) service was originally slated to operate between Bedford Ave and Rockaway Parkway, with both side of the tubes closed with no service in Manhattan. In January 2019, Governor Andrew Cuomo had meetings with engineers from Cornell and Columbia Universities discuss ways on how to repair the Canarsie tunnel and that's how the plan that we had during the L-Project came into fruition. An article from Cornell News explained how the tunnel got rehabilitated within one year's time span. The last time a tunnel was finished rehabilitating early was the Montague Street tubes, which carries the (R) line between Brooklyn and Manhattan. Please check out all videos down below.


Here is a screenshot video recording from NYCT's Instagram story down below. Link to the survey is here.

How do you guys like the overall improvement on the Canarsie Tubes and the (L) line? Please comment below. 

Thursday, April 23, 2020

MTA Bosses Lay Back While The Workforce Is Left Along To Fend Off Against COVID-19; Congestive Pricing Put On Hold

NEW YORK, NY-Are MTA employees expendables? Does MTA CEO/Chairman Patrick Foye and Interim NYCT President Sarah Feinberg need to go?  At least 83 MTA employees have died from coronavirus — and agency chairman Pat Foye on Wednesday said he believes he’s done everything in his power to keep his workers safe from the disease. Foye declined to say at a news conference whether he has any regrets over the agency’s response to the pandemic, which included a decision throughout the first four weeks of March to follow guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that said workers should not wear protective face masks.

The virus has spread rapidly among New York City’s front-line transit workers over the past six weeks. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority has confirmed 3,048 cases of COVID-19 among its workforce of roughly 71,000 people, at least 2,636 of whom work in the agency’s subway or bus divisions. All but three of the MTA employees who have died from the disease worked in subway or bus operations.

MTA chief safety officer Pat Warren on Wednesday said the agency has “served as a leader in the transportation industry” when it comes to the response to the pandemic. He pointed to Foye’s decision to change its guidelines around the use of masks days before the CDC did the same, and said initiatives like temperature checks in some work areas and the move to only allow rear-door boarding on buses to keep riders away from operators has helped contain the virus.
Foye and other top MTA brass on Wednesday repeatedly thanked front-line transit workers for their service and sacrifice, and said they would erect a memorial for employees who lost their lives as a result of the pandemic. Union leaders said the gratitude wasn’t enough. Transport Workers Union Local 100 president Tony Utano said the transit honchos should provide additional pay for workers who put their health on the line. Foye on Wednesday said the feds should foot the bill for the hazard bonuses.

Utano said this in a statement, “The risks transit workers face every day, and the sacrifices that have been made, demand they receive hazard pay from the MTA. Elected officials at all levels of government agree transit workers deserve hazard pay. Officials can pass legislation to reimburse the MTA at a later date, but my members should not have to wait for that to happen.” So far 83+ workers have passed away due to COVID-19 compilations. This is far from acceptable. What are Foye and Feinberg going to do to stop the death count from increasing?

This article from The Guardian that I read the other day was sad and heartbreaking. It’s about the MTA employees has come down with the coronavirus and has to stay in quarantine until the symptoms wear down. The TA bosses are not equipping their employees with the protection they need while interacting with passengers/customers. If something is not done about this, the entire TA workforce would end up going on a strike and it wound not be pretty, so please, Foye and Feinberg, treat your workforce better. Equip them with tools and necessities to be safe out there. People have been calling out sick due to lack of protection from this deadly disease. On a serious note, if Andrew Byford was still NYCT President, he would've put serious pressure on CDC to send for 20,000+ masks, gloves, equipment etc for his workers/colleagues. Please keep the MTA workforce as well as the entire world in your thoughts and prayers.

In other news, because of this coronavirus pandemic NYC has put a hold on congestive pricing. The MTA has also put a hold on all bus and railcar deliveries. All major projects has been put on hold until further notice. The redesign networks for all bus divisions have been put on hold as well major projects and construction has been put on hold as well. I don't think its a bright idea to delay the congestion pricing because the MTA desperately is gonna need all the funding they can get to give this system a complete overhaul.

What do you guys think about the TA bosses not doing much to equip their workforce with protection? What do you guys think about congestive pricing and MTA projects/deliveries being put on hold? Please let me know in the comments below.

Thursday, April 16, 2020

MTA, NJT, Amtrak, Port Authority, & All Regional Transit Agencies Pays Tribute To All Employees With A Horn Salute #HerosMovingHeros

NEW YORK, NY- New Jersey Transit, Amtrak, Port Authority and all regional transportation agencies, including the MTA and all of its sub-agencies, and NYC Ferry have all joined forces to coordinate a day of action where all bus, trains, ferries, light rail,etc sound their horns on April 16th (Today) to honor all transit workers in the Northeastern region. As a tribute to #HeroesMovingHeroes on the front lines of this public health crisis, all trains and buses running in service will give two one second horn blasts at 3:00 p.m. in solidarity with partner agencies. Heroic transportation workers continue to provide critical service for healthcare workers, first responders, childcare workers, grocery store employees and other heroes who are performing critically essential work during the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. All those who passed away from the COVID-19, please keep them and their families as well as the transit agency in your hearts and prayers.

Please sign this petition to have the Central Park North-110th Street (Lenox Avenue) renamed in honor of the Train Operator Hero, Garrett Goble. He served his city during a worldwide pandemic and he ended up perishing in that deadly subway fire while evacuating his conductor and passengers to safety. This story hits home and it hits hard, and every time I think about this story, I feel a mixture of sadness and anger. Let's do the right thing and make this possible so that Brother/King Garrett Goble's legacy doesn't die in vain.

Here's the TWU (Transit Workers Union) List Of Workers We Lost During This Worldwide Pandemic

In other related news, families of MTA employees who passed away due to COVID-19 complications will recieve a payout of $500,000. MTA chairman Pat Foye said the program “is not a line of duty benefit" like the one guaranteed to workers who die on the job for other reasons, and that the benefits must be approved by the agency’s board next week.

At least 59 agency employees have died of COVID-19 over the past three weeks. Now their families and those of future MTA coronavirus victims can be assured that they’ll be compensated. Families will also receive up to three years of health insurance from the MTA. Roughly 40,000 New York City transit workers were already guaranteed the $500,000 line-of-duty death benefits under a contract between the MTA and Transport Workers Union Local 100 that workers ratified in January. I want all MTA employees to achieve this goal so that they can get the compensation that they deserve. 

Here is the Transportation Hub's post for #HornSalute #HerosMovingHeros

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As we all know, today, all transportation workers were to simultaneously honk their horns for two-one second intervals at 3pm today, as a way to give gratitude to the transportation workers for transport essential workers to their jobs #herosmovingheros #soundthehorn : : : The first was from 2016; the second one was today but I missed the horn sound, but it didn't matter. Just want to show my appreciation for those who are out there on the front line for us. : : From everyone and myself here in NYC and NYS, if you're an essential worker, I'd just like to say, thank you for all that you do during this COVID-19 outbreak: : : #newyork #newyorkcity #nycphotography #nyclifestyle #firstresponders #mta #nyct #nyc #nice #longisland #queens #orionv #newflyerxd40 #nassaucounty #greenacers #coronavirus #pandemic #herosmovingheros #hornsalute #essentialworkers #transit #transportation #nycstyle #longislandny #transitworker #essentialworkers #soundthehorn
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Not only the Hub covers news in relation to transit and transportation, but the Hub also does coverage for aviation as well. Starting next week, I'll be covering stories in aviation that piques interest. In the meanwhile, please read the story by Airport Technology how they explain how the coronavirus affected the everyday life of aviation operations. 

What do you guys think about these stories, please comment below.

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Bronx Asian Woman Racially Attacked Coronavirus-Related Hate Crimes; 41 NYCT Workers Passed Away Due To COVID-19 Complications

BRONX, NY- I rarely write a post pertaining about the Bronx, but I must. This xenophobic, racial, prejudice attacks against Asians during the COVID-19 has to stop, period!!!!  Four teen girls have been charged with hate crimes after New York police officers alleged they attacked a 51-year-old Asian woman, named Anna Ng, on an MTA bus in the Bronx. The NYPD alleged the suspects cursed at the woman, accused her of causing the coronavirus and demanded to know why she wasn’t wearing a mask. Police said one of them struck the woman in the head with an umbrella, for which she later received stitches at a nearby hospital. Full detail of the Ng explaining her ordeal is in this Daily News post.

Police arrested three 15-year-old girls near the scene shortly after, charging them with hate crime assaults, menacing and harassment. The NYPD is still seeking a fourth suspect, who they believe was the one who struck the woman, according to the network. The department’s Hate Crime Task Force said it has investigated 11 cases wherein suspects allegedly targeted Asians or Asian Americans since the beginning of the outbreak, and New York Attorney General Letitia James (D) has established a hotline to report any such suspected bias incidents.

Elsewhere, the FBI is reportedly considering charging Jose Gomez of Midland, Texas, with a hate crime after he allegedly stabbed three Asian Americans, all members of the same family, in a Sam’s Club. Gomez told ABC News he attacked the family because he "thought the family was Chinese, and infecting people with the coronavirus."


NEW YORK, NY-Coronavirus is spreading like wildfire through the MTA’s workforce, killing the agency’s employees at three times the combined rate of the city police and fire departments, which employ first responders like cops and EMS crews. At least 41 members of the MTA’s 71,000-strong work force have died from COVID-19 over the last two weeks. That compares with 11 NYPD employees and two FDNY employees; agencies that together employ about 72,000 people, roughly as many as the MTA.

Besides NYC Transit, which runs the city’s subways and buses, the MTA includes the Metro-North and Long Island railroads and MTA Bridges and Tunnels, which operates the Triborough Bridge and other crossings. MTA officials declined to provide a breakdown of coronavirus-related deaths for each of the agency’s components. But it’s clear the virus has killed people in nearly every corner of NYC Transit’s massive network, taking the lives of train operators, conductors, bus drivers, track workers and supervisors who reported to transit facilities in all five boroughs.

Transit workers and union officials blamed the high death toll on generally hazardous working conditions and a slow response to the crisis by transit officials. Many frontline employees said the agency’s decision to follow guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that advised people not to wear protective face masks allowed the virus to spread rapidly among workers during the first few weeks of March.

Samuelsen said MTA rules around worker pensions causes the MTA’s employees to be slightly older than those at other public agencies, which leaves many of them more vulnerable to COVID-19. Data shows the average New York City transit worker is 48 years old, and 28% of them are at least 55 years old. MTA workers are allowed to collect their pensions when they turn 55. City police offices can retire with a full pension after 20 years of service. So many MTA workers have been directed to stay home with symptoms or confirmed cases of COVID-19 that transit officials have been forced to slash mass transit service across the city.

People need to take this pandemic seriously, mass transit during this time are for essential workers only!!! By railfanning, busfanning, gathering in groups, standing close to one another, you guys are not making this easy. You’re not doing your part by staying home and flatting the curve. Don't stay home, you become a statistic; Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Utah Jazz player, Rudy Gobert learned that the hard way.

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Suspect In Fatal Central Park North-110th Street Subway Stop Fire Is Charged In Columbia University Fire


MANHATTAN, NY- A career criminal suspected to be behind the March 27th subway blaze incident
that killed a beloved MTA Motorman and injured 16 others had been charged with setting up a fire near the 125th Street Columbia University Computer Music Center back on Tuesday, March 31st. The suspect is Nathaniel Avinger. He is 48 years of age and has a slew of 39 prior arrests, six each in his early days for robbery and assault, which dates back to 1987. The March 11th fire at the university's music center caused unspecific damage to the property. He was questioned at 28th Precinct back on March 30th, about the March 27th subway arson incident. 

Goble, a 36-year-old married father of two, was killed trying to get off the No. 2 train with about a dozen straphangers around 3:15 a.m. March 27th. He was found unconscious on the tracks and rushed to Mount Sinai Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Police said 16 others were injured in the fire, which police believe was started inside a badly burned shopping cart found on the train and identified Avinger as the suspect from surveillance video near the scene. Police are investigating whether the fatal fire is tied to three smaller ones set on No. 2 platforms on 86th Street, 96th Street, and 116th Street at about the same time. Avinger is still a person of interest and police are still investigating.

The Garrett Goble Remembrance Podcast

The IG Of The Reopened Central Park North-110th Street Station

The 110th Street station on Lenox Avenue should be renamed in honor of MTA Motorman Garrett Goble. I even came up with a proposed station name,"Goble Way-110th Street". He was a very honorable and noble man, I respect him, even though I don't know him. As for Avinger, he ain't off the hook; all we need is evidence to point at the scene of the crime and you got your indictment for that good-for-nothing serial arsonist.