Thursday, July 16, 2020

Our Ex-NYCT President Andy Byford No Claims Title London's "Tube Daddy" ; OMNY Fare Payment System Expands

By N Miller (Creator Of The Transportation Hub)


NEW YORK, NY - Andy Byford was one of the best NYCT Presidents to ever grace New York City's transit system. Back on June 29th, he became the brand new commissioner of TfL (Transport for London). Byford has had a lengthy career in transportation management. He was the CEO of the Toronto Transit Commission, the President of New York City Transit, and now the current commissioner of TfL (Transport for London), where oversees the daily operation of trains, buses, taxis, streets, and ferries.

He oversaw the Big Apple’s subways before abruptly resigning in February. He demurred when asked by the Evening Standard whether his nickname would live on in London, where the underground is known colloquially as “The Tube.” The popular New York City Transit Authority president was given the nickname “Train Daddy” last year after an offbeat piece of Brooklyn street art depicted his face superimposed on a subway car in the style of Thomas the Tank Engine, with the caption: “Train Daddy loves you very much.”

Byford said this in a statement;
“I want to just, behind the scenes, quietly get on with two main priorities which I’ve set myself.”

I respect that statement. Byford is at his new post overseas out in London. The term “Train Daddy” will not apply to him overseas because Transport for London deals with the daily operations of land, rails, and sea. He seems to be really enjoying himself as commissioner of TfL, and the people of London will appreciate Byford and all that he brings to the table. I just hope and pray that Byford works his with Transport for London and makes Cuomo's a$$ feel so guilty that he ever mistreated Byford the way that he did. 

The affable Brit was only NYCT President for 25 months, and has done more for MTA Transit than that sleazebag Cuomo did in a full term as governor. I don’t understand Cuomo, and I never will. How are you going to get mad jealous at somebody who’s doing their job right, exceeding expectations. Andrew Cuomo is nothing more than an underhand, sniveling, weasel a$$ control freak. He did a whole bunch of shady s*%! that made Train Daddy step down the way that he did. Cuomo made Byford’s job intolerable. He is the reason why Byford is gone and Sarah Feinberg here. He treats her with more respect than Byford because Cuomo and Feinberg are buddies. I already talked about Feinberg and how she ran the transit sub-agency during the height of the pandemic. Later on, down the line, the Transportation Hub will make a podcast video about both Byford and Librera’s resignations and how it steered in the worst direction for New York City Transit. 
Story for 07/09/2020

NEW YORK, NY - MetroCards will soon be obsolete as New York City will go contactless. OMNY (One Metro New York) is a contactless payment system and will accept payment from any NFC-enabled contactless card. Here’s a little background on OMNY; In June 2018, the MTA revised the timeline for implementation of the then-unnamed new payment system. The first stage of implementation took place in May 2019. All subway stations would receive OMNY readers by October 2020, in preparation for the launch of OMNY cards by February 2021. OMNY vending machines would be installed by March 2022 and the MetroCard would be discontinued in 2023.

Here is a full list of all the OMNY equipped stations, so far:

Primary services
IRT Eastern Parkway Line
Borough Hall/Court StreetNevins StreetAtlantic Avenue–Barclays Center
2, 3, 4, 5
May 2019
IRT Lexington Avenue Line
Bowling Green to Grand Central–42nd Street
4, 5, 6, <6>
Staten Island local and express bus routes
BMT Fourth Avenue Line
86th Street/4th Avenue
December 2019
BMT/IND Archer Avenue lines
Sutphin Boulevard–Archer Avenue–JFK Airport
E, J, Z
IND Eighth Avenue Line
34th Street–Penn Station
A, C, E
IRT 42nd Street Shuttle
Times Square and Grand Central
S (42nd Street)
IRT Broadway–Seventh Avenue Line
South Ferry/Whitehall Street to 59th Street–Columbus Circle
1, 2, 3
IRT Jerome Avenue Line
138th Street–Grand Concourse to Woodlawn
IRT Lexington Avenue Line
Lexington Avenue/51st–53rd Streets to 125th Street
4, 5, 6, <6>
Staten Island Railway
St. George and Tompkinsville
Staten Island Railway
IND Sixth Avenue Line
47th–50th Streets–Rockefeller Center to Broadway–Lafayette Street
B, D, F, <F>, M
January 2020
IRT Broadway–Seventh Avenue Line
66th Street–Lincoln Center to Van Cortlandt Park–242nd Street
1, 2, 3
IND Eighth Avenue Line
Inwood–207th Street to High Street
A, C, E
Jay Street–MetroTech
A, C, F, <F>, R
Seventh Avenue-53rd Street
B, D, E
IRT White Plains Road Line
Third Avenue–149th Street to Wakefield–241st Street
2, 5
February 2020
IRT Pelham Line
Third Avenue–138th Street to Pelham Bay Park
6, <6>
Manhattan bus routes
March 2020
IND Fulton Street Line
Hoyt–Schermerhorn Streets to Euclid Avenue
A, C
IRT Broadway–Seventh Avenue Line
Wall Street and Clark Street
2, 3
IRT Dyre Avenue Line
Morris Park to Eastchester–Dyre Avenue
IRT Eastern Parkway Line
Hoyt Street
2, 3
IRT Flushing Line
Mets–Willets Point and Flushing–Main Street
7, <7>
IRT Lenox Avenue Line
Central Park North–110th Street to Harlem–148th Street
2, 3
IRT Flushing Line
34th Street–Hudson Yards to 111th Street
7, <7>
June 2020
BMT Astoria Line
Queensboro Plaza to Astoria–Ditmars Boulevard
N, W
BMT Broadway Line
49th Street to Fifth Avenue–59th Street
N, Q, R, W
BMT Franklin Avenue Line
Prospect Park to Park Place
IND Sixth Avenue Line
York Street
IND Rockaway Line
Howard Beach–JFK Airport

Recently, OMNY readers have been implemented along the 2, 3, 4, and 5 lines as well as all Bronx stations except the IND Concourse Line. Next, will be the IND Queens Boulevard Line. The whole subway system will be OMNY by October of this year. OMNY readers accept contactless cards from companies such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover, as well as digital wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and Fitbit Pay. OMNY time-based options, comparable to the current 7-day and 30-day MetroCards, will be available in the first quarter of 2021, after the activation of OMNY across the entire NYC Transit system. Following the completion of OMNY installation at all subway turnstiles and on buses, the MTA will introduce all remaining fare options, including unlimited ride passes, reduced fares, student fares, and more. In other news, the Trump Administration has put the congestive pricing, which was supposed to revenue funds to help fix the subways, is on hold for a year. All of MTA's projects, procurements, and deliveries are all on standstill.

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