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NYCT Celebrates 30 Years Of ADA Accessibility; Changes Come To The M35 & Q70-SBS Routes

*Originally for 07/30/2020. I was dealing with some private issues during that week, so, the stories will now be released.

By N Miller (Creator Of The Transportation Hub)

NEW YORK, NY - In honor of the 30th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act,
elevators have been added to four new stations, as well as easy transfer to the M60-SBS to LaGuardia Airport. Ten elevators in total were added across these four stations (mentioned down below). The agency still calls on the U.S. Senate to provide $3.9B in emergency federal funding in 2020.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) today announced the completion of four ADA-accessible stations coinciding with the 30th anniversary of the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The MTA marked the historic anniversary at an event at the newly upgraded Astoria Blvd subway station in Queens, where the installation of four elevators has recently been completed in addition to rebuilt elevated walkways, new benches, and finished platform stair enclosures. The MTA also announced the 86th St (R) Subway station in Brooklyn is set to become ADA accessible this week and the Bedford Av (L) Subway station in Brooklyn and 1st Av (L) Subway station in Manhattan are set to become ADA accessible in early August.

Astoria Blvd (N)(W) Subway Station
Work on the Astoria Blvd station, serving the (N)(W) lines and M60-SBS bus to LaGuardia Airport, began in June of 2018, with the station reopening last December after a nine-month closure. The completion of elevator work includes a pair of street-to-mezzanine elevators as well as two mezzanine-to-platform elevators. Additional accessibility features include new ADA platform boarding zones, rebuilt elevated walkways, new benches, finished platform stair enclosures, and eight rebuilt staircases; four from the street to the mezzanine and four from the mezzanine to the platforms.

Bedford Av and 1st Av (L) Subway Stations
As part of the broader Canarsie Tunnel Rehabilitation and (L) Subway Train Core Capacity Improvement project, workers made massive accessibility and circulation improvements for the 1st Av Station in Manhattan and Bedford Avenue Station in Brooklyn. Within the coming weeks, the 1st Av Station will be equipped with new street to platform elevators at the Avenue A entrances on both the north and south sides of 14th St. At Bedford Av Station, there are four newly constructed entrances and four existing stairs under rehabilitation. A new street to mezzanine elevator is being completed at the northeast corner of Bedford Avenue and N. 7th Street. The existing mezzanine at Bedford Avenue has been expanded to accommodate a new mezzanine to platform elevator.

86 St Station (Brooklyn)
The 86 St (R) Subway station under Fourth Avenue in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, is being upgraded with two ADA compliant elevators, which will travel from the street to mezzanine, and from the mezzanine to the platform level. The station also received new mosaic bands and artwork. To aid bus customers transferring to the elevator, the east side of Fourth Avenue was rebuilt to include a sidewalk bulb-out, providing seamless travel to the elevator, increasing passenger waiting space and eliminating the need for buses to pull out of and into traffic. Transit officials are testing out five new maps in a display at 86th Street station in Brooklyn; including a subway diagram based off a controversial minimalist design from the 1970s. Also on display at three separate locations in the Bay Ridge station is a map that combines the subway and “Select Bus” routes, two different maps of the local neighborhood and a station blueprint for disabled straphangers.

This latest package of elevator installation work at stations around the system comes amid a backdrop of significant financial uncertainty surrounding the MTA’s 2020-2024 Capital Plan. That plan included a historic, $5.2 billion commitment to expanding the number of accessible subway stations by more than 50% and ensuring that no customer would be more than two stations away from an accessible station. It remains on hold due to pandemic-induced budget shortfalls of an unprecedented magnitude. While celebrating progress on the Authority’s longstanding commitments to enhancing accessibility throughout the system, MTA officials urged the U.S. Senate to provide emergency funding.
NEW YORK, NY - If you are a passenger of the M35 and/or SBS-Q70 route, then your ride is going
to be whole new different. M35 will serve a new psychiatric center on Randal's/Ward's Island. The Q70-SBS is now fully articulated, operating along Woodside Ave in Queens heading towards the Woodside subway/LIRR stop. Both service changes overall costs $120,000 in total.

The New York State Office of Mental Health (OMH) will be relocating its main entrance at the Kirby Manhattan Psychiatric Center on Randall’s/Wards Island and has requested that the M35 be rerouted to loop on to its property and serve a new stop that it will build. This new stop will be closer to the relocated 24-hour guard booth and will make the M35 a more convenient and more appealing option for customers by shortening the distance between the bus stop and the OMH entrance. Reroute the M35 to loop on to the OMH property and serve a newly built bus stop. A net annual cost of approximately $100,000 is expected and service to that hospital will commence in January 2021.

The LaGuardia Link Q70-SBS, which serves the transport hubs of Woodside, Jackson Heights, and Terminals B,C and D of LaGuardia Airport, has been seeing a spike in ridership. To accommodate the ridership increase, the route went from using 40 foot standards to 60 foot articulated buses. The Q70 shared its last stop and layover in Woodside with the Q53 SBS on southbound 61st Street north of Roosevelt Avenue. The Q53 also utilizes articulated buses. With the longer articulated buses for the Q70, the Q53 and Q70 would not be able to fit in the shared location. Working with the NYC Department of Transportation (NYC DOT), a new last stop and layover was identified for the Q70 and planned for installation in early April 2020; however, with the rise of COVID-19 in March 2020, NYC DOT couldn’t conduct the work. In late May/early June 2020 NYC DOT got the opportunity to complete the installation of the bus stop and other supporting changes in time for the summer schedule change on June 28, 2020. To access the new last stop and layover, the travel path was revised. The new Woodside-bound routing goes as followed; off the BQE (Brooklyn-Queens Expressway), left on Broadway, right on 75th St, right turn on Woodside Ave towards 61st St and end. Articulated service started on June 29th, 2020 as part of the summer service change. This change has a price of $20,000 annually. For full details, please refer to the July 2020 Bus and Transit Committee Meeting PDF File.

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  1. Elevators are not available in most heavily used stations I use the 86th and Lexington Station a lot There is only one elevator running from the Uptown Local platform to the street.