Thursday, October 22, 2020

The Overnight Work Program, FASTRACK, Returns To The IND Eighth Avenue (A)(C)(E) Lines

By N Miller

NEW YORK, NY – The overnight line closure program, FASTRACK, will make its return to the IND Eighth Avenue Line next month. If you are an overnight (until 1 AM) (A) and (E) train customer, your ride will be along the Sixth Avenue Line. This is not the first time this particular line got the FASTRACK treatment. It has been getting this overnight work since the start of the program back in 2012. Also, take into mind that the IND Eighth Avenue Line will one of the five lines to equipped with Communications Based Train Control (CBTC).

The TA agency will be performing work on the (A), (C), and (E) line in Manhattan on the weeks of November 2nd-6th, 9th-13th, and the 17th-20th .  The work is being done during a period of low subway ridership, and during the ongoing overnight subway shutdown between 1 and 5 a.m., minimizing disruption and impacting as few riders as possible. While crews from MTA New York City Transit perform track maintenance, repair and cleaning in the corridor, MTA Construction & Development will use the track access created during this time to continue installing a modern computer-based signaling system and other upgrades on the Eighth Avenue line, which connects Manhattan’s West Side with Brooklyn and Queens and lines that interface with nearly every other subway line throughout the system.

Employees work their very best to get this line up to both speed and date. The agency at this time will still begging for that $12B funding from Congress. Track – remove debris and repair or replace tie blocks and running rails. FASTRACK work includes Third Rail Operations (clean and remove debris from under and around the third rail), Signals (perform general maintenance on signals and switches), Infrastructure (repair or replace handrails, signs, and tunnel lighting. Clean track drains and repair water damage/leaks), Electronic Maintenance (optimize performance of closed-circuit television monitors and cameras. Inspect and test public address system equipment), and Station Environment (perform high-intensity station cleaning and painting as well as perform elevator and escalator repair work. Clean vents and drains).

During those dates mentioned above, there is no service between 59th St/5th Av-53rd St, Manhattan and Jay Street-MetroTech (Brooklyn)/World Trade Center (Manhattan). So, the service changes will go as follow; (A) train service will operate local between 207th Street, Manhattan and Queens. Trains will run via the (D) line between 59 St and 34 St-Herald Square, then via (F) line between 34 St-Herald Square and Jay St-MetroTech in Brooklyn. (B) and (C) service will end early each night. (D) trains will run local in both directions between 59 St and 125 St. (E) train service will run via the (F) line in both directions between 47-50 Streets Rockefeller Center and 2 Av, which will be the last stop. For alternate service, you can use other lines which also serves the West Side of Manhattan.

In other news, a survey from New York University in conjunction with the TWU (Transit Workers Union) has stated that 1 in 4 transit employees have come in contact with the coronavirus. This week, NYCT has launched Groundbreaking Live Subway Map, Creating Next Generation Map Following Iconic Hertz and Vignelli Designs. I like the concept but the designs could be better. Volunteers go around the subways and hands out mask to people who needs them. Lastly, when you are using mass transit, please wear a mask. Its mandatory by the CDC and it will help save lives.


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