Monday, February 15, 2021

(A) Line Serial Killer Rigoberto Lopez Apprehended For This Past Weekend's Deadly Subway Stabbings

R179 (A) Train at Far Rockaway-Mott Avenue, the southern
end of the (A) line.

This weekend, a serial killer was loose in the subway system of New York City, both underground and above. The suspected “A-Train Ripper” is a 21-year-old homeless man from Brooklyn who confessed to the weekend subway slash spree and has previously been busted at least four times, including for allegedly assaulting a cop and his own father, law-enforcement. Rigoberto Lopez, who lives in a shelter in Boerum Hill and has battled mental-health issues, was charged with one count of first-degree murder, two counts of second-degree murder and two counts of second-degree attempted murder over his latest alleged crime; the random fatal knifings of a man and woman and the slashing of two other guys.

The suspect was nabbed Saturday while still covered in blood and with the alleged murder weapon. Lopez has four previous arrests; let us review them, shall we? In November 2019, he was charged with hitting an NYPD cop, and in October 2019, he was busted with violating a protective order his father had against him, one month after he allegedly struck his dad with a stick. Just only last October, he was caught with having cocaine on his person while police were answering a call about an emotionally disturbed person.

Rigoberto Lopez, the serial killer

Lopez’s murder spree was nearly 24 hours along the (A) subway line between Inwood-207th Street, Manhattan and Far Rockaway-Mott Avenue in Queens. The bloody spree began around 11:30 a.m. Friday when police found a 67-year-old man injured with stab wounds on a southbound A train platform at the 181st Street station in Washington Heights in Manhattan. Twelve hours later, a 57-year-old homeless man was found stabbed to death aboard an A train at the Mott Avenue station in Far Rockaway, Queens. About two hours later, a 44-year-old homeless woman, identified by police sources and her family as Claudine Roberts, was found fatally slashed in a pool of blood on an A train at the Inwood-207th Street station in Manhattan. Around 1:30 a.m. Saturday, a 43-year-old man was also found randomly stabbed and wounded on a train at West 181st Street in Manhattan.

The crime was so horrific that 500 police officers are now patrolling the underground subway system. I guess defending the police does not sound like a bad idea now does it? Now, we can all sit here and pretend how this, this, and that all started, but we all know who is to blame for this killing spree. Look at who is sitting in the Gracie Mansion in Manhattan’s Upper East Side and look who is up in Albany, New York. They are the ones that you should express your rage and anger in regards to this issue at hand; allowing criminals to be loose, back out on the streets without being processed, booked, and no bail set. Disgusting, truly disgusting and if you think that stuff like this is okay, then you have problems. 

In other news, the TA has rejected the ideal for subway shove-preventing doors on the platforms due to it being “expensive”. Transit officials have been exploring platform doors for the better part of the last decade. In 2018, the agency nixed plans to test barriers at some Lower Manhattan stations. They were originally to be tested at various stations along the (L) line, dating back to 2008. The features are used at various subway systems around the world. It seriously would not hurt the MTA to just give this a try. LIRR adds Mets-Willets Point to their regular stop lineup for those who are getting their vaccinations at CitiField. Fienberg and Foye faced backlash for the bench removals at the 23rd St (6th Avenue) stop in Chelsea, Manhattan to deter homeless people. Iconic voices like Michael Kay, Michael Rappaport, Awkafina, and so many others have joined forces to inform the public subway riders the importance of mask wearing. 

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